My name is Michelle Cruz. I grew up in California and have lived in New York for over a decade. I’m a LMT. As a holistic therapist, I employ a broad range of techniques and modalities. My areas of expertise include massage, and a variety of chakra techniques, including tantra, trauma recovery, and bodywork.

I received my training at the Academy of Massage Therapy in New Jersey, where I studied eastern and western bodywork, after which I completed my bachelor’s degree in business from CUNY. In Los Angeles, I studied a type of yoga based on the shakti feminine path of kundalini, which focuses on “the path of ecstasy.” I also studied Vinyasa yoga at Atmanada Yoga in New York City and received my certification through the Yoga Training Alliance. Currently, I am working towards getting my Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

I first embarked on the journey of holistic healing as a way to revitalize my own life. Along this path of self-discovery, I sought out a variety of the techniques that allowed me to enhance my self-confidence, comfort in my own body, and a general sense of well being and vitality. Some of these experiences immediately yielded beneficial results, while others took the form of powerful, even overwhelming, catharses. After transforming my own life, I realized that my gift was to help guide others to discover the essence of their beings on a more profound level, through bodywork and coaching.

Today, I work with individuals to eliminate stress as well as improving overall health, by encouraging the uninhibited flow of the body’s own energy. By using a wide range of techniques and modalities, together we can allow you to experience whatever it is your body is telling you while feeling relaxed and invigorated at the same time.

Having turned my own darkness to light, I understand what the journey entails, and the ways in which we can clarify our life paths. I believe that bodywork and coaching can lead to a sense of spiritual freedom and enlightenment, allowing us to connect with ourselves and with others in a meaningful, profound way. Together, these healing practices create a powerful and unique system of healing that I call Sol Bodies – a total mind-body-spirit connection.