Massages are often depicted as a luxurious, day-long getaways at a fancy spa where people go to get a break from their children or escape work during their lunch break. Here at Sol Bodies, my philosophy is much deeper than this. I believe that massage therapy is one of the keys in restructuring your physical well being, a critical step towards holistic health and wellness. Our massages aim to restore balance in your physical body, which will lead to a synergy between your mind, spirit, and physical self. Today, I want to highlight some of the immediate physical benefits you will notice from a massage here at Sol Bodies and how massage therapy can benefit your overall health. If you are looking for one of New York’s premier massage therapy and holistic bodywork groups, trust Sol Bodies for your needs.

Fixing Your Posture

Many of us are stuck sitting all day in order to make a living, while some of us are busy bending, twisting, and pivoting while lifting and moving objects. All of this hunching over and suite of movements means that your posture is going to suffer. Neck and back pain are becoming more and more common with slouched sitting and improper lifting, which can lead to debilitating pain. Massage therapy is a direct counteraction to poor posture caused by relaxed or improper sitting. These actions will fire certain muscles while weakening others, which leads to your pain and soreness. A massage will help to loosen the sore muscles while refiring the weakened areas, restoring an equilibrium to your contrasting muscle groups and allowing you to return your posture to normal.

Relieve Soreness

Speaking of sore muscles, a deep tissue muscle therapy session is an ideal way to relieve that annoying muscle soreness you’ve been feeling for weeks. Maybe you’re a weekend warrior who tends to attack a pickup game of basketball with too much intensity and your hamstrings won’t let you move come Monday. Perhaps all of those deadlifts are finally catching up to you and your lower back stays tight for days on end. Athletes, rec league all-stars, and everyday people all suffer from muscle soreness. A massage from Sol Bodies can help relieve that soreness. When lactic acid builds up in your muscles after strenuous use, it means they are repairing, but also causes tightness and soreness. Massaging your muscles and tendons will not only stretch them out, but can help break down any acidic buildup. Body treatments and massotherapy are a specialty of ours at Sol Bodies and can get you functioning optimally in no time.

Reboot Your Nervous System

It is easy for us to use and shock our nervous system. Whether you are a weightlifter, casual gym goer, or professional mover, there are plenty of daily activities that strain your nervous system. After a while, the central nervous system (CNS) will be beat up nearly as much as your muscles, which can lead to slower recovery or less recognition of soreness or injury. Body treatments like muscle and massage therapy are highly effective in balancing your nervous system. Essentially serving as a reboot, your CNS will achieve a high level of function again, allowing you to train, move, lift, and live to your fullest potential.

The benefits of holistic bodywork are endless. These are only a few of the physical benefits that massage therapy can bring our clients, but we are sure you will feel countless rewards once you get off the table. When you are ready for a quality massage and other bodywork services, get in touch with me and see what makes Sol Bodies the ideal place to heal.