Here at Sol Bodies, I take pride in our holistic approach to healing all of our clients in mind, body, and spirit. My methods aim at taking the individual person and treating them as a whole, rather than separating their physical, emotional, and spiritual selves. It may be difficult to understand at first, especially when the concept is entirely foreign. However, Sol Bodies aims to treat our clients in a holistic manner, rather than simply providing a single service or giving you a simple massage. Whether you are experiencing a crisis of emotion, are plagued by injuries, or simply need a reboot of the soul, our holistic bodywork is the experience you are looking for. Today, we’ll quickly look at some of the things that makes Sol Bodies the best option for your needs and how holistic massage therapy can benefit you.

Massaging the Spirit

Emotions and physicality are far from unrelated. In fact, I think each person has a mental body as much as they have a physical body. It is important that you do not ignore the intangible side of yourself, for doing so can be highly detrimental down the line. You cannot mentally or spiritually starve yourself and expect to have a positively impacted lifestyle, and here at Sol Bodies, we make it our mission to heal and revive through numerous holistic experiences. Whether you are looking for a chakra balancing and healing, a reiki energy rebalancing, or simply want a private yoga lesson, Sol Bodies is more than happy to help. Aromatherapy, massage, and stretching are just some of the physical treatments that can have a direct impact on your emotional side.

Whole, Not Parts

A stiff neck or immobile back can be the cause of frustration in your everyday activities, but it can also be the result of something such as stress at work or come from sitting the wrong way day in and day out. At Sol Bodies, we don’t aim to simply take your sore back or neck and treat it, but rather, we work with clients to find what exactly it is that is causing the ailments and give you treatment at the source. When you are feeling emotionally fatigued, this can manifest itself as exhaustion or sore muscles, which can then mentally drain you as you can’t figure out what is bringing about all of this distress. Humans come as a whole, and it does not help healing if we try and divide ourselves or clients into parts. Ensuring your emotions and spirituality are addressed in the same ways as your body is our goal and you will walk away from a session with the Sol Bodies team feeling new and whole.

Your Comfort First

Holistic experiences are not subject to any sort of guidelines or rigorous standards. The first step in healing yourself mind, body, and soul is to be comfortable and ready for any and all techniques that may help. To ensure your comfort, our team will accommodate clients who would like a private massage, couples massage, or would prefer to have us come to their home. If you feel as though our methods would work better when applied in the comfort of your own space, there is no need to explain further. It is your personal rejuvenation and whatever works for you also works for us.

Drug-Free Stress Relief

Because we use a holistic approach, you won’t find Sol Bodies recommending any drugs or synthetic products to ease your mind or body. Initially you may find solace in these items, but they will be harmful for your overall well-being in the long run. Instead, we utilize treatments like aromatherapy, essential oils, and a natural lifestyle to bring about a fulfilling and long-term change. It is better to depend on yourself than on substances, and that is the mindset our holistic bodywork aims to bring to your life.

Soul Bodies is a new, different, and holistic approach to full body healing. You are not meant to focus on certain parts of your being alone and hope they heal. Rather, rejuvenating yourself on every level will bring balance and stress relief to your lifestyle. Whether you are hoping for a spiritual reboot or need to start with physical relaxation, Sol Bodies is here to help. Give us a call and schedule an appointment today to experience the holistic difference for yourself.