Often referred to as energy healing, chakra bodywork is often used by holistic healers to address physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual imbalances. It is believed that imbalances in energy are the core causes of illness and other issues throughout the body and mind and that achieving balance within each chakra is imperative to optimal wellness.

Certified in reiki, our massage therapist Michelle is able to focus on energy work or healing for those clients whom traditional western medicine methodologies have not been effective. Dealing with a plethora of physical and mental maladies, therapeutic chakra sessions often provide amazing results, relieving many clients of stress and tension while fostering a clear energy flow throughout the seven chakras.

Requiring no drugs or specialized tools or equipment, chakra bodywork is often completed without the need for physical contact of any kind. By releasing healthy energy into your chakras, reiki and other energy healing helps your bodily systems, organs and their functions can run at higher levels, reducing and eliminating the physical and mental blocks that cause illness.

Supported by the belief that the human body has the natural capability to heal itself, our therapists perform each session with your uniquely personal circumstances as their guide. As a simple yet powerful tool for healing, energy work, or chakra healing, has helped thousands of clients.

Schedule your confidential consultation and session with Michelle now by calling our office or by using our contact form here. We look forward to helping you discover a natural and alternative path to optimal wellness.